Book two of the series,"Wall of Silence"- Is now available on   Come along and learn the secrets the Miller girls were forced to keep.  By the age of seven Susan distrusted everyone.  Even her older sister Lisa, the one person she could always trust, ran away leaving her behind.  Did God abandon her as well?  Young Susan was convinced He had.  How far will God go to prove that He never abandoned her?  Are childhood wounds so deep even God's love cannot heal some of them?  Satan screams in our ears, "No He can't," while God whispers in our hearts, "Just trust me."  Has Lisa's self-destruction taken her too far this time?  Is this murder trial the final betrayal?  Will Susan and Lisa listen to that still small voice telling them, "I have always been there for you - Just trust me?"  Would a loving God use something as painful as a murder trial to bring hope and healing to these two sister?  -You bet He would.  

Book one of the series,  "Treasure in a Tin Box," is a four generation prequel to Wall of Silence and Hope Returns.  In "Wall of Silence," Susan Miller spends a wonderful Saturday at the Old Plantation, now converted to a Bed & Breakfast.  As she romantically imagines the lives of those who lived here so long ago, she has no idea how important the slaves of this plantation well become to both she and her sister.

In this story we follow the saga of  Bascom family, from 1832 up though the life of the great grandson, Tobias Bascom. You will experience life on a Georgia plantation through the eyes and emotions of the slaves.  Although Master Stewart prided himself on being a righteous owner, the struggle of slave-life on the Stewart Plantation was anything but righteous.  After the war, slaves struggled to become masters of their own destiny during the post-war reconstruction. Emancipation did not really bring freedom. Each emancipated slave had to learn how to plan, dream, and make decisions; everything forbidden to slaves.     

Book three of the series, "Hope Returns,"Is now available on Follow along as we witness the aftermath of Lisa's murder trial .  Will this small southern community ever forgive her past?   After a lifetime of secrets,  can Lisa learn how to live secret free?   Will Lisa allow herself to become vulnerable so love can finally find a path to her door?  Was all of God's grace and mercy used up during the murder trial?  Might there be just enough left over to guide her into that wonderful future that always felt unattainable to her?

    The fictional Stewart Plantation in Atlanta, Georgia plays a key role in the lives of Susan and Lisa Miller.  Years before either girl even knew of its existence, God was at work putting His Plan into motion. 

     Throughout this series of novels we meet some wonderful unsung heroes who are willing to step forward and help hurting people find hope and peace.